Ratzeburger Diversity

The Ratzeburg Cathedral

The Ratzeburg Cathedral is certainly one of the most impressive sights of the island city.
Built by Henry the Lion in 1154, it tells the story of a church that goes far beyond 800 years. 

The cathedral is one of the oldest and most important Romanesque brick buildings in the north. The master builders of the cathedral have not only taken up Romanesque influence from the outside in the design of the cathedral, but have also incorporated many of their own ideas into the construction. No stone of the cathedral is subject to today's egalitarianism, here the bricks can talk, especially as every preserved brick neither resembles itself in shape nor color. 

We recommend a visit - on your own or guided!
For this the church office is to you as partners directly at the disposal.

Cathedral provost Gert-Axel Reuß
Domprobstei Office 

Domhof 35 - 23909 Ratzeburg 
Tel. (0 45 41) 34 06
Fax. (045 41) 68 53

Concerts & Services
A concert in the cathedral is also an experience! One can also experience the one or other service with a performance of the big Ratzeburger Domchor.   

Ratzeburg Cathedral Music
Christian Skobowsky
Cathedral Court 14 - 23909 Ratzeburg
Phone (0 45 41) 80 36 48
Fax (0 45 41) 85 75 31

Time travel through the city history of Ratzeburg

You can experience a time travel through the city history of Ratzeburg during one of the interesting city tours.
History is hidden and to be discovered everywhere: in the alleys, under the stones or behind old facades. Contact us or the town of Ratzeburg directly. 

More than 800 years of town history and not only on the island: the first Christian settlement was built on St. Georgsberg in the 10th century, co-founded by Abbot Ansverus, who was canonised because of his struggle for the foundation of the bishopric Ratzeburg and is still revered today. This abbot Ansverus and Heinrich the Lion were decisively responsible for the foundation of the diocese Ratzeburg and the construction of the cathedral Ratzeburg.  

Therefore also lion tracks invite to a special tour for individualists through the island city - a city map helps you to discover the different highlights on your own.

Ask us for the city maps! 

Tourist Information City Ratzeburg 
Te. 04541 - 8000 886

Cultural diversity in Ratzeburg

You can enjoy the cultural diversity of Ratzeburg in the three museums on the city island:

Kreismuseum Herzogtum Lauenburg
Domhof 12
23909 Ratzeburg 
Tel 04541 - 8607-0

Paul Weber Museum
Domhof 5, 23909 Ratzeburg 
Tel. 04541 - 860720


Ernst Barlach Museum Ratzeburg 
Barlachplatz 3
23909 Ratzeburg 
Tel. 04541-3789


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