Here is an excerpt from our seasonally changing menu 

Wittlers farmer breakfast 
with Holsteiner Katen ham and a fresh salad plate 
12,00 € 

Roasted herb seedlings
with small baked potatoes, apple-ginger chutney from the chef, salads of the season as side dish 
12,50 € 

Fresh salad with smoked fjord salmon from Norway, matjes fillet, two different fish sauces and fried potatoes 
14,00 € 

councilman's pot 
A medallion of the Lübchiner Strahschwein with hearty homemade fried potatoes and fresh salads of the season 
€ 14,50 

Roasted salmon fillet 
on spinach leaves and parsley potatoes 
16,50 € 

Steamed cod fillet 
with Dijon mustard sauce, salad plate, parsley potatoes 
17,50 € 

rump steak
of local Feersisch beef with hearty fried potatoes and salad plate 
19,50 € 


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